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the volunteer process



Students sign up for a concert via Google Form.


VIRTUAL - Students choose to send a performance video in their form response OR via email at a later date.



A confirmation email is sent to the student after signup and after video submission (if sent through email).



VIRTUAL - Students' videos are compiled and broadcasted for senior residents by assisted living facilities, via YouTube,

IN PERSON - Students arrive at the performance site, fill out attendance, and perform live for senior residents. 



VIRTUAL - Students receive 2-3 service hours per performance via email (see FAQ below).

IN PERSON - Students receive 4 service hours per performance via email.


*don't see your question answered? contact us!

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for performing?

A: All students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade are allowed to perform! We welcome students of all musical genres and levels. 

Q: How many service hours do I earn? (VIRTUAL)

A: For each concert, a student will be awarded

  • 1 hour for performing and 

  • 1/2 hour for each piece. 

For example, a student performing two pieces will earn 2 hours that week: 1 hour for performing, and 1 hour for two pieces.

***Students are allowed ONLY up to 2 pieces per concert.*** 

Q: I want to sign up, but my video isn't ready yet. 

A: You can still sign up without filling out the spaces for your piece information or link! Just remember to email us your performance video by the deadline:

Thursday at noon before your scheduled concert.

Q: Are there any guidelines for recording my performance?

A: Yes! These are listed on the Google Form, and here below:

1. All volunteer musicians must dress appropriately to perform (Casual or recital attire. No pajamas, sandals, or flip-flops).
2. All video submissions must be age & content appropriate, and will be reviewed by our screening managers. 
3. You must show your face in your video performance.
4. When using a mobile device to record the performance video, please tilt it to horizontal view for the best viewing experience.
5. Please allow for 3 seconds of silence in the beginning and ending of your performance video.
6. After the initial 3-second silence, we encourage you to greet the audience loudly and clearly by introducing your name, and your piece! 


Q: I only see a few concert dates available on the form. Why can't I sign up for more recent dates?

A: Our concerts are one hour long, and the option to sign up for a date will be closed when there are enough students to fill the time slot. Signups are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: I filled out the form already, but I want to change my piece. 

A: That's perfectly okay! Email us and give us your new piece title, composer, and video link. 

Q: Why does UNMUTE give more service hours for in-person performances? 

A: As we slowly transition out of COVID-19 restrictions, we would like to encourage students to increase live performances. Virtual performances would be a good option for students from other states and/or countries outside of our performance sites, who are unable to perform in-person.

Q: Why am I listed as "MCPS Student..." or "Student Musician..."?

A: For Montgomery County students: County policy requires that we do not publicize your name in our concerts. 

For all other students: If you opted not to have your name publicized when signing up, you will be listed as "Student Musician." Please contact us if you would like to change your preference. 

Q: I need my service hours by a sooner date.

A: If needed for a scholarship, honor society, etc, we can send you your hours if you let us know. Otherwise, please wait until the date listed on our Google Form.

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