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UNMUTE's student board consists of teenage students (8th to 12th grade) who hold a steadfast belief that music has the power to heal and unite all people. Not only do they volunteer extensively, but they also facilitate and oversee the planning of UNMUTE's projects, events, and outreach activities.

our members
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Krystal Wu


Krystal is a junior at Centennial High School, Maryland. She has played piano since the age of 4 and clarinet since the age of 11, and she is currently a part of the MCYO Philharmonic and Centennial Wind Ensemble. Other than music, she holds a special love for earl grey tea, playlists with obscure music artists, books, and stationery.


Ana Coman

Zoey Ma

Vice President

​Zoey is a senior at River Hill High School, Maryland and she has been playing viola for 9 years. She’s currently a part of Peabody Prep/Performance Academy, Peabody Youth Orchestra, and the RHHS GT Orchestra. In her free time, she likes to read and walk her dogs!


Will Morgan


UNMUTE is constantly building relationships between our advisors, student board, and student volunteers. As such, our organization relies on partnerships with the community to fuel our mission. We engage bright minds, pool resources, build credibility, and increase the values of the community to deliver positive, meaningful, and significant change. 

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10%  kindergarten to 5th grade

33%  6th to 8th grade

56%  are in 9th to 12th grade


1%  are post high school

In addition to Voice, our student musicians play on a total of 38 instruments to provide music therapy services benefiting over hundreds of senior residents.

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( 8/1/2019 - 6/5/2021)

4,900+ Student Service Learning Hours vetted

1,400+ Student musicians volunteered

from 22 States in the U.S. and 4 foreign countries

12 assisted living facilities reached

1,300+ Holiday Cards homemade by 80+ students in 12/2020

14 in-person concerts and 73 virtual concerts hosted

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